Submission period: November 8, 2021 23:59 UTC - December 8, 2021 at 23:59 UTC


About Everscale (Free TON)

Everscale is a next-gen blockchain that belongs to no one and to everyone at the same time.


How does it work

The project has no central control. All decisions are made in a decentralized way by the whole community.



The project is technological, therefore, very worthy rewards are offered for developers (and not only for them)


We propose to take part in the contest

To develop a smart contract system and set of scripts that will perform a whole cycle of the creation of a generative NFT collection including but not limited to:

- media and metadata upload into collection generator
- metadata (traits & royalties) support - stored on-chain
- upload of the collection media to the main net or drive-chain or IPFS
- minting by the administrator (zero fees)
- minting by the user with a pre-defined minting price








The popularity of (de)generative art (e.g. Degen Ape Academy) has been growing on a daily basis on all the progressive and classical networks. Numerous collections have been launched by artists from all over the world adding great value to the communities of blockchain projects, increasing the popularity of charity-related and charity-focused projects spreading the word to the off-chain audience.

Vast communities have been created around collections that connect people with common interests and opinions. A number of blockchain projects benefit greatly from such initiatives as they bring additional value to somewhat ‘faceless technologies’. The popularity creates demand - demand for documentation, tools, and solutions that help artists and creators join the NFT movement easily and comfortably. The less one needs to know and understand the tech behind it - the wider and faster adoption goes.


Requirements for works

To participate in the contest, you must comply with the specified requirements


Only submissions with an average score equal to or more than 4.0 can get a reward.

Rewards distribution model
If the reward is 25 000 TON or less, the reward is granted in full after the judging is completed. The remaining amount is distributed within 6 months in equal parts on a monthly basis. To receive all distributions, the solution should be supported within the vesting timeframe:

● Github issues should be responded to within 3 days
● The code should be updated within a reasonable timeframe - 2 weeks maximum
● Major GitHub Issues should be resolved within a reasonable timeframe - 2 weeks maximum

  • 1st prize 100,000 TONs (≈$35 000)
  • 2nd prize 80,000 TONs (≈$28 000)
  • 3rd prize 60,000 TONs (≈$21 000)
  • 4th prize 40,000 TONs (≈$14 000)
  • 5th prize 30,000 TONs (≈$10 500)
  • 6th prize 25,000 TONs (≈$8 750)
  • 7th prize 20,000 TONs (≈$7 000)
  • 8th prize 15,000 TONs (≈$5 250)
  • 9th prize 10,000 TONs (≈$3 500)
  • 10th prize 5,000 TONs (≈$1 750)

About questions

If you have questions about how to submit an application or other questions, you can ask them on the forum, you will be quickly answered (click here to go)